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When you decided to become a vet your passion for animals and dedication to aiding their lives was probably at the forefront of your mind. Rummaging through your chaotic car boot in the small hours of the morning probably wasn’t!


The current market offering of products for vets in need of a storage solution is extremely limited, leaving vets at a loose end. Given that farm and equine vets operate from their vehicles a majority of the time, it can be almost chaotic to try and keep everything together in a vehicle without the appropriate tools.


So why are storage solutions so important and what can they offer to the vet on the road? Why not just live out of plastic boxes and hope everything will be where you want it to be when you get to your next bleating, whinnying or mooing patient?


This blog explores why storage solutions are so important for ensuring vets can keep their storage practices as professional and adept as their medical ones. After all, an innovative storage solution can lead to increased proactivity and prove an invaluable resource.


That’s why 25 years of experience has been devoted to creating a truly unique storage system that can prevent this frustrating process. The GoStow storage system is an accessible, safe and secure storage solution for veterinary supplies and drugs.


Following collaboration with vets and designers, the GoStow was designed, developed and tested to overcome the everyday challenges of vets out in the field.


What are vehicle storage drawers?


When it comes to being on the road as a vet, storage for your equipment is often at the back of your mind but at the forefront of your needs. It’s certainly not a burning thought for someone with such other high priorities.


Storage is essential for veterinarians all over the UK that are required to carry high volumes of stock with them in order to be ready for whatever the day brings. They also need to operate in a compliant way with order and efficiency which is why a car boot storage solution is so pivotal to productivity within this field. You wouldn’t expect the equipment in a veterinary surgery to be strewn everywhere – for both hygiene and organisation reasons – so why should your vehicle storage be any different?


Veterinary storage solutions


Vehicle storage drawers in the UK: what options are there?


Any high street retailer can provide a consumer with a plastic tub or seemingly fitting container but these are also products that you often see used for storing children’s toys beneath beds. Not exactly the same calibre or specifications required no matter how efficient the concept may seem at first.


Even then you’re going to have to end up buying a whole assortment of boxes, packing them in your boot, labelling them arduously up and then struggling to pull them all out again when you arrive at a call.


And what about an option for those crucial regulated medicines? With the GoStow fridge unit you also don’t have to fret about the temperature of your medicines every time you arrive at a location. GoStow’s regulated fridge module makes sure vaccines are stored at the correct temperature throughout the day with easy to view temperature stats.


That’s why GoStow is the only veterinary storage solution of its kind in the UK that ticks every box for providing the best service for vets. Designed specifically for vets, your requirements have been crafted into every inch of the stylish and robust design.


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How can vehicle storage drawers help veterinarians?


A good set of vehicle storage drawers will make the life of a mobile vet so much easier and more efficient.


Maintained sections for specific items such as medicines and tools mean that vets can remain compliant with hygiene and maintenance standards.


For those drugs that require specific temperature an integrated fridge is available to ensure the carriage of drugs complies with strict legislations. Then once the syringes and needles have been used they can be safely disposed of temporarily in the separate module that contains a sharps bin. Keep yourself and others safe with this helpful waste solution.


There are further partitions for easy organisation of dressings, bandages, drenches and supplements as well as a deep drawer for storing equipment of all shapes and sizes such as scanners, scopes, ropes and twitches.


By giving everything a place, nothing moves around while you drive which keeps you and your staff safe. A home for used needles and dressings mean that they are well out of harm’s way.


This is not only a safe perk but an efficient one. By making sure everything has a place, you can be sure that everything is where it should be and it is visible to you. Nothing gets lost, nothing gets broken and during a stock take easy to access compartments make sure nothing is double stocked or counted.


Those that have already used GoStow have preached about its benefits. Lower House Equine Clinic, an equine focused practice in Shropshire that operates in-house and externally for emergencies 24/7-365 days a year, pride themselves on their advanced technology and latest mobile equipment.


By using GoStow, Lower House Equine Clinic can make sure they’re always prepared when they arrive at the yard with medicines and equipment that is exactly where it’s supposed to be, perfectly maintained in the right conditions.


Find out what Simon from Lower House Equine Clinic loved about the GoStow in his own words.



Our customers have been impressed by our amazing product but our amazing product can help you impress in return. In this profession, first impressions count. The veterinary field is a competitive one and a storage solution like the GoStow is going to make you work faster, safer and more professionally to leave a lasting impression.


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Why choose GoStow storage solution?


The GoStow storage solution exists in a whole capacity of its own. With the ability to meet legal requirements, reduce the risk of theft, make struggling with stock control a thing of the past and just overall improving the practicality and efficiency of day to day veterinary operations, this car storage solution is unrivalled.


To find out how GoStow can improve the running of your workday (or night), get in touch by calling us today on 0151 336 5556 or emailing us at [email protected]