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Medicinal and veterinary supplies are key essentials in a vet’s personal inventory. Without them, the job simply wouldn’t get done. No vet makes a conscious decision to leave for work without their essential kit but with such expensive and valuable equipment on board, there’s a higher risk that vets could become the victims of theft.


It can take as little as ten seconds to break into your car but with the right deterrent and products in place, you can stay one step ahead of thieves. There are many ways thieves can gain access to your stock but there are just as many ways you can prevent intrusion.


Theft of veterinary supplies, and on vehicles in general, is on the rise. Due to the high value of the equipment in veterinary vehicles, they can become key targets for thieves and criminals.


Having your supplies stolen is not only a huge drain on your resources and your money but the circulation of drugs in the hands of those with unsavoury intentions or with a lack of integrity is dangerous. Veterinary medicines are lethal and should never be administered to humans.


Find out below THREE key ways to prevent theft of your valuable veterinary supplies.


Keep valuables out of sight


In carparks and parking sites all over the country, signs issue guidance on ensuring any valuables are either removed from vehicles or tucked away out of sight. With medicines that need to be regulated to specific temperatures and work tools that should be kept in a safe location, it’s not always an option to physically move them around or take them away from the vehicle.


The GoStow car boot storage system provides safe storage for these valuable items in a boot space location. With individual drawer options for different items, from clothing to veterinary tools, everything can be kept out of sight within the unit.


Products that simply lie around the vehicle will entice thieves toward the car as they can visualise the potentials and ‘rewards’ of a crime. Not being able to weigh up the worth of their crime against the risk can cause thieves to think twice about their illegal actions.


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Safe and secure storage systems


The GoStow storage system has lockable drawers that provide a secondary line of defence should any thieves breakthrough into the car itself. Each individual module is fitted with a key and lock mechanism to give every section its own protection.


This individual safety focus also reduces the chance of multiple sections being stolen from should thieves be intelligent enough to get into one as the time spent on each unit will mean they have more chance of being caught.


Many GoStow compartments are also fitted with LED lights. Darkness is one of the tools many thieves use and even small amounts of illumination can cause them to think twice. Light will draw attention to their position should they break in but it also enables some light to be on you when working late nights or gloomy mornings.


As for the number of items within your GoStow, BSAVA advises that medicines held in vehicles should be kept to a minimum. If there’s less to steal, there’s less at risk—although this is understandably difficult as you need to be prepared for unexpected incidents.


Precautions should be taken against theft such as not storing medicines in the car for long periods of time or overnight, not leaving medicines on display, and parking vehicles in secure areas. Although we do understand you may not be able to choose where you park or have the luxury of time to choose how long valuables are kept in the car for.


That’s why our GoStow system is kept secure and robust to deter even the most adamant thieves from attempting to get to your supplies.


Better stock control


The GoStow helps you to keep track of all of your equipment and controlled substances with its organised sections and easy to see access compartments. This will help you to be more efficient throughout your day to day working process as you will always be able to access the regulations of individual medicines whenever you, or an authorised official, require them.


Being aware of your own stock not only helps you to minimise wastage caused by stock rotation but also makes identifying ‘missing’ items very easy. If you can keep concise but comprehensive records of all of your day-to-day stock information, any anomalies will stand out.


Records should be kept in order to meet compliance standards but they also let you stay vigilant and allow you to evaluate your own usage. Theft doesn’t necessarily have to be a dramatic intrusion attempt, it can happen on a gradual, small scale over time as to not raise suspicion.


With the easy processes GoStow allows for, there is no space for discrepancies. And all the records that you take…do not leave them in the car either! Although those documents may not have a direct monetary value, they can contain a lot of personal or financial/business information that could prove damaging in the wrong hands.


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Choose the GoStow car storage system


The GoStow car storage system is made to make every part of being a vet simpler and more effective. By keeping your equipment neatly stowed away and in specifically designed compartments, you’re not only creating a great aesthetic impression for clients and making your life easier by having better access but you’re also making it harder for people to jeopardise your business through loss of money and supplies.


The GoStow is designed to keep your equipment safe, whether that’s by providing an individual Sharpes drawer or modules for temperature control, but with the individually locking compartments and LED lights, you’re adding extra layers of protection.


Is your current storage solution able to reduce the risk of theft? Call GoStow today on 0151 336 5556 or email [email protected]