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Both equine and farm vets are always on the move, rushing all over the place to aid the animals they have a passion for helping. Due to the nature of equine and farm vet work, their vehicles become their mobile veterinary surgeries.


With no real cost-effective solution on the market, ‘on the road’ vets face a real issue trying to keep all of their veterinary medicines and equipment organised in their car boot. GoStow recognises the need for a more effective medical storage system that helps vets spend less time hunting through their car boot for that vaccination you were sure you had, and more time doing what vets do best: caring for the animals in need.


This blog will explain why having an efficient medical storage system is essential for vets on the go and how you can find a solution that will work for you.


What are medical storage systems?


The demands of healthcare, be that for people or animals, require effective medical equipment storage systems so that the best care possible can be provided. Medical storage systems are required to ensure safe storage of medical supplies and equipment.


Though a regular set of drawers can organise medical equipment, a medical storage system ensures safe, regulation met, organisation. Medical storage systems feature temperature control so that temperature-sensitive medication is stored at the correct temperature to remain at the required standard and effective. Medical storage systems also provide separate compartments and a sterile environment to help with accurate stock control and a well organised and accessible system.


Effective and tidy storage of veterinary equipment is imperative for veterinary practices. The busy schedule of a vet requires a storage system that is as efficient and accessible as possible.


Mobile vets deserve the same solutions! If you’re speeding to an emergency call, you don’t need to waste time rummaging for the right meds when you get there. An organised and accessible car storage system helps vets in the field to be prepared for whatever the day brings.


With nothing quite like the GoStow currently available in the UK, GoStow is the medical storage system you need. With vehicle storage drawers for everything, all of your medical supplies and equipment have a place, providing you with a fully organised and accessible storage solution.


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Why medical storage systems are important for vets?


As we’ve stated already, to carry out professional and effective veterinary work, safe and secure medical storage systems are critical. A well-ordered storage solution can help reduce preparation time and result in speedier patient treatment. Medical storage solutions are also important to vets as there are several required storage standards and regulations that must be met. The GoStow storage system meets all the regulations for safe vaccine transport, storage and handling. It’s the perfect medical storage solution for vets.


One of the biggest problems on the road vets face is how to store and transport temperature-sensitive medicines whilst meeting the required standards. For holding medicines in vehicles it is suggested that the medicines should be well organised. This is where many farm and equine vets struggle to meet the standard as their home-made storage solutions tend not to be very successful at keeping stock organised and easily accessible.


It is also advised that if you are storing medical supplies that are temperature sensitive in a vehicle, the car should be fitted with a refrigerated unit. This is very important as the temperature in a car can rise and fall rapidly throughout your shift. This is especially an issue during the summer and winter months.


Changes in temperature can reduce the efficiency of certain products. This means it is also crucial to be able to monitor the temperature in a vehicle so that medicines requiring storage at room temperature are not left in vehicles when temperatures exceed 25°C or go below 8°C.


As GoStow is designed for vets, by vets, we knew that providing a fridge unit was vital for creating an effective car boot storage system. The GoStow storage system meets the regulations for safe vaccine transport, storage and handling.


If storing medicines in a vehicle, you will be expected to record the minimum and maximum temperatures daily for your records. The GoStow refrigerator module has a temperature data logger with wifi downloaded included. This will allow you to record the temperature in accordance with your legal requirements.


An effective medical storage system like the GoStow is also crucial for accurate stock control. Without the right tools, it is very challenging for vets out in the field to keep an accurate account of what stock they have in their vehicle. Disorganised stock rotation often leads to drugs going out of date which is a significant way of losing money.


For complete professionalism and care, an organised medical storage system helps vets to keep tabs on exactly what stock they have in their vehicle. With a system that gives all equipment and medicines a place, out of date drugs, vaccines and nutraceuticals would no longer be a recurring issue faced by vets out in the field.


A systematic medical storage system is also extremely valuable for vets as it allows complete control over their compliance record. The GoStow storage system provides safe and secure storage of drugs and medical supplies which ensures complete compliance.


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What are the options for mobile vets?


Mobile vets often have to resort to a home-made car boot storage solution which ends up being quite impractical when out and about. A car boot full of unorganised plastic containers not only doesn’t look professional. It also makes accessing equipment and medicines very difficult.


With nothing like the GoStow storage system currently available in the UK, GoStow is the ultimate veterinary storage system mobile vets can’t be without. As on the road vets travel with sensitive materials and equipment, a great medical storage system for the boot of their car is indispensable. With a modular system that can be tailored to your needs and the ability to fit the system into vet’s favoured vehicles, the GoStow is the perfect medical storage solution.


The GoStow’s integrated fridge unit provides mobile vets with a solution to easily travel with and store temperature-sensitive drugs. The minimum and maximum temperature data logger on the fridge unit, ensures your compliance with legislation and regulations for safe vaccine transport, storage and handling.


The GoStow has vehicle storage drawers for everything ranging from drawers for boots and waterproofs, medicines and drugs to needles and syringes. These drawers ensure that everything has a place. An organised medical storage system will enable vets out in the field to stay on top of their stock and know exactly what supplies they have in their vehicle.


Change the way you work with the GoStow


The GoStow is the ultimate accessible, safe and secure storage solution for veterinary supplies and medicines. Designed by listening to feedback from vets, the GoStow was created to overcome the everyday challenges faced by vets on the move. With interlocking and stackable modules with multiple different configurable combinations, you can customise the GoStow to suit your needs.


To find out how GoStow can transform the way you work, get in touch by calling us today on 0151 336 5556 or emailing us at [email protected]