The ultimate veterinary storage system you can’t be without...

GoStow Compliance

The GoStow gives you and your team greater control over your compliance record. From drug storage to fridge temperatures to lockable drawers, GoStow has it covered. Take control, don’t leave it to chance.

GoStow Safety

The safety of you and your team is paramount, that’s why we have designed the GoStow to the highest of standards. Incorporating many safety features to keep you safe and your equipment secure whilst driving.

GoStow Cost Saving

Now you have full transparency into what stock you have in your vehicle, with the GoStow everything has its place. This means out of date drugs, vaccines and nutraceuticals will no longer be a drain on your profitability.

GoStow Professionalism

First impressions count, so make yours an excellent one! In today’s competitive market you and your team need to provide an all-round exceptional service. There’s no better way to up your game than by using a GoStow!

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